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Tournesol Wellness is a holistic integrative medical center for highly personalized, compassionate healthcare.  Located in an exquisite townhouse in the heart of New York City, Tournesol embodies peace and provides preventative, patient-centered primary care, customized lifestyle change classes and programs and integrative treatments for total well-being.

We are a community of warm and caring health professionals with a focus on stress reduction, natural methods for pain relief, grief support, improving sleep and preventing the onset of chronic disease.

Our services range from a comprehensive mind-body-spirit health assessment to vibroacoustic sound therapy, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, classes, workshops and more.

We are delighted you stopped in and welcome you to explore Tournesol, the next step in your journey toward health, strength, courage and resilience.


Customer Reviews

"A real treat. Wonderful environment, wonderful people, wonderful experience. If you give it a try, you may well become a regular.

The environment at Tournesol says a lot about what sort of experience you'll have there. The ambiance conveys the message, "relax, let go of whatever you had when you came in off the street, and breathe." The decor is minimal, soothing, and peaceful, with muted colors, clean lines, and no clutter. The people are warm, welcoming, and professional. Carey and her staff know how to make you feel at ease; you get the sense that they take their clients' needs very seriously, but always with a smile..."

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"A beautiful oasis in the middle of Manhattan. I tried the vibroacoustic therapy. So relaxing I had an out of body experience, a must try!"

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Founder Carey Davidson Shares Her Vision for Tournesol