Tournesol Wellness is a groundbreaking integrative medical and healing arts practice. 

We catalyze personal and organizational health with highly customized Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy and The Success Alchemy educational platform.

The Tournesol Difference

Your health and your time are precious. You want to feel good and productive every day. You want solutions.

I made it my mission at Tournesol to provide immediate and advanced holistic relief, knowledge and skills so you can thrive. We combine cutting edge science with ancient health wisdom to illuminate the reasons you feel imbalanced and to get you back on track.

We translate complex human patterns into actionable advice and tools that influence:

  • Physical Health

  • Behavioral Health

  • Spiritual Wellbeing

  • Relationship Success

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Welcome to Our Home

Tournesol's flagship location is at 26 East 36th Street in New York City.  We are housed in a historic, two-story maisonette that was once home to JP Morgan's carriage driver. 

The illuminating history and extraordinary energy embedded in our walls soothes my soul.  Schedule your visit and experience the peace and transformational properties of Tournesol for yourself.

Carey's Story

Through the many twists and turns of my life, I came to the realization that I wanted to give back in an impactful and joyous way. Over the years I believed life was driven by the whim of circumstance; loves found and lost, triumphs, health scares, births and deaths. I quietly wished for a sense of peace and balance behind the smile that said I could handle anything that came my way.

The desire for inner peace remained with me, and right around my 40th birthday I caught a beautiful glimpse of clarity over a cup of hot chocolate in a Paris cafe. I’ve sometimes wondered if it was the tryptophan, but that clarity grew even after the chocolate high wore off. It grew through being part of a compassionate community, inspiring books and speakers, holistic healing experiences and learning to be present, patient and appreciative of each moment.

Over the past few years, physical and emotional disappointments and setbacks became my most valuable learning opportunities. Health became a choice and a lifestyle. I wanted to invite people to walk this journey with me. Would it be possible to create a place that supported and nurtured lasting wellness by integrating healing, learning, compassion, community and a sense of coming home? The answer became clear to me, and Tournesol was born.

And a little chocolate never hurts.

Carey's Bio

Learn more about Carey.  Check out her bio and come in for a session!

Our Team

Tournesol is home to a warm community of wellness practitioners who champion holistic values of authenticity, generosity and a commitment to whole health.  See them here

Our Name

Tournesol is French for sunflower and literally translated into English means turn toward the sun.

Want to know more about my journey to creating Tournesol?  

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