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What’s Your Nature?

According to Chinese Medicine, each of us is born with a unique blend of five archetypes within our personal nature. One of these five types serves as our primary nature. This primary nature determines how we interact with our internal and external world.

Understanding the physical, cognitive and spiritual archetypal correlations gives you a fascinating ability to predict your functional and dysfunctional life patterns. Once you know these patterns you are empowered to prevent and overcome those that aren’t healthy. 

Understanding your type gives you insight into why you are prone to certain physical, cognitive, relationship and work challenges.  When we know ourselves we learn how to self-regulate and empathize with the diverse needs of others.


Tournesol Founder, Carey Rosen Davidson, is a catalyst for personal healing.  She combines frontier science and ancient wisdom to design a toolkit for growth.

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Discover Your Primary Archetype

The Eternal Optimist - The Fire Archetype

Learn more about Fire, which is often associated with warmth, passion and joy. Discover which activities are beneficial for preventing burnout and overcoming their fear of losing love and connection.

The Caregiver - The Earth Archetype

Learn more about Earth types who are nurturing, warm and highly empathetic toward others. Discover which activities help them feel safe in the face of social anxiety, overwhelm and worry.

The Perfectionist - The Gold Archetype

Learn more about Gold types who create beauty in the world and are meticulous and detail oriented.  Discover which activities help them avoid getting too stuck in the details and overcome self-critical beliefs.

The Philosopher - The Water Archetype

Learn more about Water types who are excellent listeners and are philosophical and introspective. Discover activities that help prevent them from over-isolating in times of stress.

The Go-getter - The Wood Archetype

Learn more about Wood types who are determined visionaries, seek out challenges and perform well under pressure.  Discover which experiences help them overcome the frustration of feeling confined.