You Have a Unique Constitution

Discover your archetypal nature and understand your basic needs.  Gain a fresh perspective and personalized tips to help you thrive.

Tournesol Founder, Carey Davidson, is a catalyst for personal healing.  She translates your individual constitution into an easy to understand starter plan.

Individual, group and corporate programs are available.

Work With Carey

Learn more about your archetype assessment results by booking a 75-minute initial appointment with Carey.  Focus on an area of personal challenge for improving your overall well-being. 

Discover Your Primary Archetype


The Joy Seeker - The Fire Archetype

Learn more about Fire, which is often associated with warmth, passion and joy and what activities are beneficial to overcome burnout and fears of losing connection.

The Perpetual Giver - The Earth Archetype

Learn more about Earth types who are nurturing, warm and very empathetic toward others and the kinds of experiences that make them feel safe in the face of overwhelm and worry.

The Organization Lover - The Gold Archetype

Learn more about Gold types who are perfectionists and tend to be meticulous and detail oriented.  Understand what activities help them reduce rigid thinking and overcome self-critical beliefs.

The Philosophical Existentialist - The Water Archetype

Learn more about Water types who are philosophical and introspective and how they overcome the deep fear of making the wrong decision.

The Mover and Shaker - The Wood Archetype

Learn more about Wood types who are determined visionaries, seek out challenges and perform well under pressure.  Understand what experiences help them overcome the frustration of feeling confined.