ARETÉ Offers

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Five Elements Assessment

  • Online five elements archetype assessment

  • Assessment scores

  • Private Arete Program five elements explanation page on Tournesol’s website

Cost: Free

Assessment Analysis Report

Get started on your shortcut to happiness. Your custom Five Elements analysis report covers:

  • Self-awareness maps for better personal and professional relationships

  • Your innate strengths and challenges and those of the other four elements

  • Individual stress button pushers

  • Your specific needs for internal balance and safety in relationships

  • Prioritized and customized self-regulation and wellness activities

Cost: $75 per report

*By completing the form below you are requesting a Five Elements assessment report based upon your assessment results.

Analysis Report + 30-Min Phone Consultation

  • Analysis report

  • 30-minute phone consultation with Carey Davidson, Founder & CEO Tournesol Wellness

Cost: $125

Success Alchemy Program

Package of four bi-weekly 60-minute sessions with Carey Davidson (by phone, or in person)

  • Five elements counseling and guidance

  • Custom neuroplasticity exercises to build resilience over time

  • Ayurvedic nutrition plan

Cost: $1,700