Ayurveda @ Tournesol

Ayurveda is an ancient health and well-being practice that originated in India five thousand years ago.


Personalized Healing Roadmaps

Well before the recent scientific discovery of the gut-brain connection, Ayurveda was an advanced, sophisticated and temperament-based system for total mind-body health. Ayurveda’s main focus is on prevention, which complements any health effort beautifully.

At Tournesol, Carey designs customized Ayurvedic plans that address the four main pillars of Ayurvedic practice:
1. Nutrition
2. Movement
3. Stress Reduction
4. Breathwork

What to Expect

A typical Ayurvedic program includes:

  1. Completion of intake forms

  2. Initial 75-minute session to review intake and assess needs

  3. Comprehensive plan presented to you within 5 days of your session

  4. Follow-up 45-minute session after following plan for two weeks

We recommend seasonal follow-up as needed.