Support for Cancer Patients & Caregivers 

Our community members whose lives are impacted by cancer find the support they need at Tournesol.  Remarkable emotional and physical relief is achieved for both the patient and the caregiver by using a combination of mind-body, manual and nutrition therapies to build a resilient body and mind.  All of our support programs are custom designed to meet your individual needs.

Pre-Treatment 4-Week Program

Building the most resilient body and mind to prepare for treatment supports better health outcomes.  Our 4-week Pre-Treatment program is customized to your needs and includes Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy and Naturopathic Medicine.  Your practitioners may recommend other Tournesol modalities to incorporate into your pre-treatment program to meet your individual needs.

Price starts at $2,150

Concurrent with Treatment 12-Week Program

Maintaining a healthy body and mind during treatment is important.  Our program for people undergoing treatment for cancer includes regular Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy to mitigate the impacts of chemotherapy, Integrative Nurse Coaching and Naturopathic Medicine or Holistic Nutrition.  This program may be repeated as necessary to accommodate length of treatment.

  • Twelve weekly 30-Minute Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Sessions
  • Six Integrative Nurse Coaching Sessions
  • Four Naturopathic Medicine Sessions

Price starts at $4,350

Post Treatment 12-Week Program

Post-treatment healthy lifestyle maintenance is linked to better health outcomes.  Coordinated and overseen by one of our Integrative Nurse Coaches, this program includes a customized health plan with clinical support to help you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle when treatment ends.  Your Integrative Nurse Coach supports you through your healing journey and matches you with the best practitioners and holistic treatments to meet your needs.  Each 12-week program includes: 

  • Twelve weekly 60-Minute Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Sessions
  • Six Integrative Nurse Coaching Sessions
  • Three Naturopathic Medicine Sessions
  • Customized Health Plan & Care Coordination
  • Unlimited Yoga Classes
  • Three Guest Passes for Yoga Classes

Price starts at $5,150 for three months.