Tournesol’s Empowerment + Assessments Methodology

We translate complex human relationships and patterns into actionable advice and tools so your business thrives.


T.E.A.M. For Enterprises

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Tournesol’s Empowerment, Assessments and Methodology programs strengthen organizations by fortifying employees. 

Our assessment-based corporate culture enhancement system helps CEOs who want a more engaged workforce by minimizing time lost in complicated relationship management and enjoying the freedom to be creative innovators.

T.E.A.M. assessment-based engagements enrich:

  • Recruitment + Retention

  • Communication + Teamwork

  • Stress Reduction Techniques

  • Leadership Skills

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Company Culture

  • Customized Wellness Programming

T.E.A.M. recruitment assessments and growth maps can be used as a back end plug-in within your business platform, or implemented as a separate service directly through Tournesol.

Workshops are available in person and as video consultation from anywhere in the world.

What is T.E.A.M.?

T.E.A.M. is a cutting edge system of personal, professional and organizational empowerment for enterprises that want to consistently identify and overcome obstacles to success.

Program options include:

  • Individual & Executive Coaching

  • Recruitment & Retention

  • Corporate Wellness Initiatives

  • Lunch & Learn Corporate Workshops

  • Custom Workshop Series

Why Choose T.E.A.M.?

We advance your ability to predict and avoid blind spots within a system that is:

  • Directly applicable to individual and organizational needs

  • Easy to learn and implement

  • Adjustable to your changing needs over time

The methodology we teach creates powerful, sustainable change.


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How it Works

Step 1:  Illuminate - Discover strengths, road blocks and the dynamic personal and environmental factors that need to evolve with our science-based assessments.

Step 2:  Translate - Assessment results drive stronger decision making and map strategies for growth for: potential employees, new employees, existing staff, teams and the overall organization.

Step 3:  Grow - Excel with customized, easily implemented roadmaps for you and your organization.  Your new strategies empower success internally and externally.

Step 4:  Evaluate - Review the impact of your new skills and remain prepared for ongoin progress.

Tournesol Founder

Tournesol Founder, Carey Rosen Davidson, works directly with every client.  Carey has established a reputation as a catalyst for success and drives individuals and businesses to incorporate new approaches with sustainable results.   Her expertise encompasses a specialized skill set derived from solid scientific training and years of Human Resources experience.