Fertility Support

Women managing the stress of fertility treatments often feel anxiety, confusion, fear and loneliness during the months-long challenging experience.  Additionally, those preparing for IUI or IVF may feel unwanted side effects from the fertility drugs.  

Natural stress reduction techniques reduce anxiety and offsets the impact of fertility drugs.  Integrative treatments like acupuncture have resulted in improved outcomes.  We're here to help.  Tournesol offers customized fertility support for women preparing for and undergoing treatments for fertility.  

Tournesol Fertility Support Program

Led by Tournesol's Heidi Gerber, MS, LAc, LMT, each program consists of several weeks of treatments and is customized to meet your individual needs.  We recommend one 90-minute appointment per week beginning three months prior to initiating fertility treatments, or trying to conceive.  Heidi will suggest a schedule of regular treatments during pregnancy and postpartum according to your individual needs.  

Tournesol's Fertility support program allows you to get the exact combination of treatments you need to balance hormones, increase blood flow and return the body to balance with only one session per week.  Your weekly 90-minute sessions will be customized using a combination of the following treatments.  

Heidi will provide ongoing counseling regarding herbs, supplements, diet changes, monitoring, exercise and yoga practices.  

Price: $300 per 90-minute session