Ianuly Talent Accelerators Offers

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30-Min Five Elements Phone Consultation

  • 30-minute phone consultation with Carey Rosen Davidson, Founder & CEO of Tournesol to dive deeper into your Five Elements assessment results.

Cost: $125

Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy

Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy (VAT) is a science-based treatment that uses mild sound and gentle vibrations to reduce stress, relieve pain, restore balance and enhance the quality of life.

Ianuly Talent Accelerators staff receives 50% off their first two 30 or 60 minute sessions.

Success Alchemy Personalized Program

Package of four bi-weekly 60-minute sessions with Carey Rosen Davidson

  • Five elements counseling and guidance

  • Custom neuroplasticity exercises to build resilience over time

  • Ayurvedic nutrition plan

  • Four weeks of unlimited Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy sessions

Cost: $1,700