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What is Intuitive Energy Balancing with Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy?

Your session with Tournesol Founder, Carey Rosen Davidson, combines Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy (VAT) with Intuitive Energy Balancing and starts with a discussion and an intuitive assessment of the root causes of your physical, emotional and spiritual disharmony.  Carey then applies customized VAT frequencies and gentle hands-off healing using high vibration, purifying energy that has its own natural intelligence to help the body and mind achieve balance. 

Throughout the session, Carey provides clear, straightforward guidance to help you understand the root of your unique concerns and teaches you individual tools to improve relationships and enhance your emotional immunity.

This work helps to bring you back to your natural state of peace and well-being and promotes the formation of new neural pathways, enabling you to shift old patterns and heal.

VAT works with resonant frequency whereby our cells copy vibrations we feel, much like the way we feel the bass in our chest during a concert.  VAT introduces the healthy vibration of cells into the body through the treatment table.  This results in a healthy resonant response in our cells.

What is Intuitive Energy Balancing with Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy used for? 
This treatment is recommended for people experiencing physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance, or disease.  It is designed to encourage and assist in breaking down barriers that obstruct our body's own natural healing abilities.  This work helps with:

  • Aches and Pains

  • Arthritis

  • Cancer Support - Mitigate the Impact of Chemotherapy

  • Chakra Clearing

  • Creativity Boost

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Emotional Preparation for Surgery

  • Increase Intuitive Awareness

  • Stress

  • Surgical Recovery

What can I expect during my Intuitive Energy Balancing with Vibroacoustics visit?
Your session will begin with a short discussion about your particular concerns and goals.  Once the focus of the session is determined, you will recline fully clothed and face up on a Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy treatment table topped with a water mattress.  

Carey will choose Vibroacoustic frequencies and music that address the issues indicated.  You will begin to feel the gentle vibrational frequencies through the water mattress and hear the soothing music through the speakers in the room. 

Carey will continue to speak with you during your session to identify root causes of your areas of concern through intuitive hits that arise.  She may adjust the Vibroacosutic frequencies accordingly while you are on the table.  At times, Carey may hover her hands a few inches above your body along energy centers that correspond to your individual needs.  Carey is sensitive to the subtle cues communicated by your body's energy and will provide Vibroacoustic, verbal and energetic support as needed.  

People report feeling many pleasant sensations as well as gaining clarity about life issues and seeing their challenges from a new perspective that offers hope and beautiful possibilities.  Abstract thinking slows and body and mind awareness expands.  Some people experience a dream-like, or deep meditative state.  Others fall asleep, report seeing colors, experience a floating sensation, feel warmth or cold and feel relief of pain or symptoms.  

If you have chosen to work with Carey for a full hour, your session will include individualized guidance with actions you can take in your day-to-day life that keep you moving toward optimal living and help you strengthen your innate abilities to self-correct when you feel triggered.

When the session is over, Carey will gently turn down the vibrational frequencies and music.

The impact of your session is usually long lasting.  Many report feeling the impact for between two and seven days after treatment.  Your body will experience deep relaxation similar to a full night’s sleep, which promotes less stress during the day and sounder sleep at night.  The Intuitive Energy Balancing work provides an awareness and clarity about life that helps you remove barriers to success at many levels and can be carried with you throughout your life.

How many treatments do I need to experience the benefits?
Research shows best results occur with cumulative Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy sessions for between 12 - 15 weeks.  We recommend a minimum treatment schedule of 8 weeks for the majority of cases, either once or twice per week.  More chronic conditions require 2-3 times per week.

Clients usually notice a significant difference in their symptoms after 3 sessions.  More chronic conditions require 3 months of regular sessions to show lasting signs of improvement.

Who should not receive Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy with Intuitive Energy Balancing?
•    Individuals with Pacemakers
•    People with very low blood pressure
•    People with a DVT, bleeding disorder, or recent surgery
•    Individuals who have had a recent psychotic episode

What other Tournesol therapies work well with Intuitive Energy Balancing with Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy?
Better health outcomes are achieved when all the physical, emotional and spiritual components of whole health are addressed in one place as part of an integrative team effort.  Energy Balancing and VAT are both used for pain relief and stress reduction in hospitals, clinics and doctors office across the world and works very well in conjunction with other therapies.

Many Tournesol community members combine their treatments with:
•    Acupuncture
•    Nutrition
•    Craniosacral Therapy
•    Integrative Nurse Coaching
•    Bach Flower Essences
Who performs Intuitive Energy Balancing with Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy at Tournesol and how much does it cost?
Carey Rosen Davidson, CEO

Session Rate:


Praise for Carey Davidson and Intuitive Energy Balancing with Vibroacoustics

Dear Carey,

The treatment that I received under your care on the Vibroacoustic bed was sensationally outstanding for my mind, body, soul and spirit. The relaxed state of my body lasted for 3 days and I am so longing for another treatment to restore my body to that state of being.  My sleep for two nights following the treatment were much improved as well.

 Your tender advisement and wisdom were helpful in posturing a different perspective on issues that are dear and close to me, so much so that I had mistaken the right pathway to perceive and overcome the interpersonal barriers that I was facing on a daily basis. 

The mindset thinking strategies about how to accept or change specific character traits and personality types infused me with a new found energy, a feeling of new beginnings, and an opportunity to pursue new possibilities that would promote sustainability and endurance in a cherished relationship.

I need to come back, but indeed I thank you for your compassionate and attentive listening skills, your passion and integrity in sharing your multiple gifts.

I am loving and welcoming your presence in my life because your essence bespeaks the goodness and beauty that is sought in this world and is indicative of a healthy human being.

 All best wishes,
Susan Mary Morris

Carey is a true healer. I've been doing energy work with her for a couple months now, and I can't imagine going to see anyone else. She's helped me so much to understand some of the emotional blockages and negative beliefs/patterns in my life, and her intuition is totally spot-on. Her warmth and compassionate energy always put me at ease, and she has turned Tournesol into a real sanctuary. - Carolyn G.

The therapy itself is really cool. You lay on what feels like a mattress made of water while music sends vibrations through the mattress and into your body to soothe any aches, pains or just general stress you may be feeling. Carey also read my energy, which was something unlike I've ever done. She hit the nail on the head about a lot of things that have been causing tension and stress in my life. She is very open, honest, warm and welcoming - such a great spirit! Her vibe rubs off onto the entire center. It's like a little oasis of calm and serenity in the concrete jungle of Manhattan. I'd recommend to anyone!! - Sheila W.


60-minute session on the Vibroacoustic Table with intuitive energy balancing with Carey.  Your session includes an intuitive assessment, a customized playlist of Vibroacoustic frequencies that support your individual goals and aromatherapy for those who do not have sensitivities to fragrance.