Introducing:  The NuSol Method

Utilizing Individual Archetypes + Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy

NuSol Method

The Five Archetypes is an ancient classification system based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this model, we all have a primary element that must be balanced in order to flourish, feel safe, and live up to our potential. Disease arises when the elements are out of balance. Read more about the Five Archetypes.

The NuSol Method promotes health and overall wellbeing in three stages: Illuminate, Translate and Grow.

  • First, we discover the relationship between your archetypal nature and your current challenges.

  • Second, we determine your customized Vibroacoustic frequency playlist and treatment protocol.

  • Third, you gain insights into your temperament and experience whole body balance and nurturing with Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy sessions.

Best Results

Best results with The NuSol Method occur over 10 – 15 sessions taken close together.  You may schedule your sessions as often as every day. We suggest scheduling no more than one week apart.



Initial Evaluation - $40
Find out if you are a fit for Vibroacoustics with the The NuSol Method. Schedule a 30-minute session and experience Vibroacoustics. If Vibroacoustics resonates with you, you may explore further sessions.

3-Session Package - $255 / $510
Some NuSol-ers begin with a 3-session pack to kick start their recovery process. You will be guided toward a pack of 30-minute, or 60-minute sessions depending upon your Nature / Challenge combination.

Unlimited Monthly - $500 / $850
Dedicated NuSol-ers like to get back to feeling their best quickly - and we can’t help but believe they also like seeing us all the time! *Introductory rate