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Power Over Parkinson’s 2: March 28, 2019. A 30-minute documentary that features Carey Rosen Davidson and Vibroacoustics as well as Dr. Sarah Mulukutla using mindfulness meditation at Tournesol with people living with Parkinson’s .

Worthy Living

When Healing After Divorce, There’s no One-Size-Fits-All: February 7, 2019. “Looking back, I’m shocked at how quickly the time has passed. I am amazed at my growth and am stronger than I’ve ever been.” Carey Rosen Davidson

Culture Trip

Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Literally Gives you Good Vibes: January 24, 2019. “We’re looking at not only the food you eat but the energy you bring into your body, the thoughts you bring into your mind, the way you move, the way you sleep—all of those are nutrients and they all provide balance.” Carey Rosen Davidson


10 Foolproof Tips For Maintaining Work/Life Balance: January 18, 2019. How can we do it all? In my case, I asked for help. Eighty plus interviews later, I learned a ton, and wanted to share ten of the best answers.

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Thrive Global

Lift Your Legacy: How becoming self aware leads you to your ideal profession with Tournesol CEO Carey Davidson and Rabbi Jacob Rupp: December 26, 2018. “To balance out my optimism, I had to first become more self-aware in the moment when it was happening. It was so natural for me to feel excited about potential that I had to remind myself to pause…” Carey Rosen Davidson

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Worthy Podcast: Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle

Divorce + Your Personal Strengths with Carey Davidson: December 18, 2018. You are more powerful than your impulses and Carey can help you learn how to utilize your strengths and overcome your vulnerabilities.

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Huffington Post

Road Trip: Listen to America: November 11, 2018. Navy veteran turns to holistic treatment amid opioid crisis. A short documentary featuring Tournesol Founder, Carey Rosen Davidson, and her highly customized Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy treatment.

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W Magazine

‘Tis the Season to Be Furious: How to Deal with Holiday-Related Stress and 2016’s Final Headaches: December 20, 2016. “It’s really good and it makes it easier to go out into the world and do the things you have to do.”

The Numinous

My Mystical Life: Getting Ready tp #TUNEINPEACEOUT: September 16, 2016. Having run several wellness-focussed non-profits, Carey has tasked herself with the not exactly humble pursuit of taking on the entire US healthcare system, to make alternative healing practices available to all.

The Observer

Carey Rosen Davidson on Integrated Healthcare, Quackery and Vibroacoustic Therapy: Apri 13, 2016. “For us, it’s really important to see someone actually achieve sustainable health and happiness, and for that you have to address what’s going on in the mind–energy, spirit, whatever you want to call it–and in the body.” Carey Rosen Davidson

NY1 News

Using Yoga to Heal Traumatic Experiences: November 6, 2015.

NBC 4 New York

The Good Fight: Inner Peace to Veterans: June 28, 2015. A program that provides inner peace to veterans who fought for our freedom