Welcome to Tournesol Wellness Integrative Primary Care

Your doctor's primary care protocol should address all the primary health variables that impact total well-being and be focused on preventing the onset of chronic disease as you age.  

It is no secret that your lifestyle choices impact your health.  What you eat, how you manage stress and your overall lifestyle choices can either support healing, or hinder it.   Yet most primary care physicians are not trained to provide you with the healthy lifestyle guidance and information you need.  Tournesol Integrative Primary Care is designed to help you identify and implement the best holistic health strategies for your individual needs so that you can achieve resilience, body and mind.

Tournesol Integrative Primary Care offers a team-based physical, emotional and mind-body assessment that evaluates your current state of healthd.  Your Tournesol Integrative Primary Care team includes:

Once your assessments are complete, your team collaborates in the design of a custom health plan for you so you emerge empowered and fully informed with a road map for a healthy future. 

Is Tournesol Integrative Primary Care for me?

Tournesol Integrative Primary Care is for people who want a comprehensive view of their health.  Integrative Primary Care clients want to be informed and empowered with the information to help them understand how their emotional, mind-body, nutritional, lifestyle and environmental health are impacting their every day well-being.  Many clients come to Tournesol Integrative Primary Care seeking more natural methods to relieve pain, reduce stress, manage chronic disease and promote overall wellness.

You do not have to give up your primary care physician to participate in our integrative assessment process.  Please schedule your free consultation to find out how we can work with your existing physician.

What is Included?

Your Tournesol Integrative Primary Care assessment includes:

  • Complete Medical History & Physical Exam With an Integrative Primary Care Physician
  • Blood Work Review
  • Clinical Guidance Toward Alternatives to, or Integration With Medication
  • Nutrition & Supplementation Planning
  • Lifestyle & Wellness Practices Assessment and Planning
  • Emotional & Mind-Body Health Review
  • Three 60-Minute Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Sessions
  • Individualized Healthy Lifestyle Management Plan

How long does the assessment process take?

You will meet twice with each of your three clinicians and may be required to have blood work, or diagnostics during your program.  Most clients complete the process within 6 to 8 weeks.  Clients are required to finish the program within a maximum of 12 weeks.

Your Tournesol Integrative Primary Care Team

What to Expect - Moving Toward Optimal Health

For ongoing health improvement, your Integrative Primary Care team may recommend additional support through one of our individual therapies and/or classes, including:

How Much Does It Cost?

The Tournesol Integrative Primary Care program begins at $2,000 plus the cost of Dr. Godwin's assessment and your lab work.  Insurance may cover most or some of the cost of Dr. Godwin's assessment and lab work.  Please check with your insurance company with any questions before you enroll.

Tournesol's Naturopath, Nutritionist and Integrative Nurse Coaches do not accept health insurance and we do not assist in the resolution of insurance claims.  Tournesol does accept payment through FSA and HSA.  To find out more about using FSA and HSA to cover your Integrative Primary Care program fee, please click below to schedule your free consultation.