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The Success Alchemy

Tournesol is dedicated to translating complex human relationships and patterns into actionable advice and tools.

The Success Alchemy program is for individuals and for companies invested in their employees.  We uncover and advance practices that nourish body, mind and spirit—and help people become less stressed, connected and whole.

Today, ancient wisdom and frontier science are converging to prove the efficacy of an abundance of “alternative” practices and “ways of knowing” that have a profound positive impact on human wellbeing. These techniques and modalities can provide transformative business and personal shifts when focused on overall stress management and overall confidence and self-esteem.

At a time when business pressures and rampant technology are invading and globalizing all aspects of life (including the wellness arena) we proudly hold a bias toward hands-on, nature-based, time-tested approaches that provide empowering emotional and energetic benefits beyond just physical health.

Tournesol Founder, Carey Davidson, has established a reputation as a catalyst for wellness and helping individuals and businesses comprehend new approaches based on individual assessments.  Her expertise encompasses a specialized skill set based on solid scientific training and years of experience in the area of Human Resources.

The Tournesol team looks forward to bringing these strengths and more to individuals and corporate teams throughout the United States and the global community.        


The Success Alchemy for Individuals

Individual sessions include one-on-one coaching with Carey Davidson, customized Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy sessions and action steps with mindful self-care rituals to meet your specific needs for growth.

Individual Success Alchemy is available in person and as video consultation from anywhere in the world.

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The Success Alchemy for Executives

Cultivate heroic leadership skills for more successful work and personal relationships.  Build a foundation with expanded self-awareness to better manage high performance teams and gain strength and clarity in decision-making.  Establish methods to identify stress triggers and calm your stress responses.

Customized programs may include consultations and treatments with additional Tournesol clinicians and practitioners to achieve whole health.


The Success Alchemy for Corporations

Strengthen your organization by empowering your employees.  Learn how their natural talents and challenges can be leveraged to inspire engagement and productivity at work.

Modules we teach include:

  • Hiring the Right People
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Improving Team Performance
  • Cultivating Heroic Leadership Skills