Because #lifeisbetterbalanced, we created customized gift packages for each individual type of health seeker on your list - and for yourself.  At Tournesol, one size never fits all! 

Purchase one of our five customized Tournesol holiday special packs for $199 (50% off) - now through Jan 15

Every package includes a 30-minute Success Alchemy consultation plus a 60-minute custom holistic health and wellbeing session.  Check them out below for more information.

For the Joy Seeker - The Fire Archetype

The Success Alchemy™️ + Flower Essences & Crystal Healing
Fire is often associated with warmth, passion and joy!  Fire people are charismatic and fun-loving.  While fire energy is persistent and strong, it also has the tendency to spread (like wild fire, of course) and become frantic when out of balance. Fire people benefit from activities that will bring them joy and calm.  

For the Perpetual Giver - The Earth Archetype

The Success Alchemy™️ + Vibroacoustics & Reiki
Earth types are nurturing, warm and vastly empathetic toward others. These beautiful caretakers tend to put others needs before their own, so they are in need of self-care and some major pampering.   

For the Organization Lover - The Metal Archetype

The Success Alchemy™️ + Feng Shui
Perfectionists in all facets of their lives, Metal types tend to be meticulous and detail oriented and lean toward careers in design and architecture.  Because they like structure and organization, the Metal people on your list would love a Feng Shui consultation!   

For the Philosophical Existentialist - The Water Archetype

The Success Alchemy™️ + Astrology Reading
Still waters run deep indeed! Philosophical and introspective, Water people like to explore life's secrets deep beneath the surface to understand the inner workings of the Universe.  What better way to satisfy this wonderful water quality?  

For the Mover and Shaker - The Wood Archetype

The Success Alchemy™️ + Customized Private Yoga Session
Wood types are determined visionaries who seek out challenges and perform well under pressure. Competitive and adventurous, they crave novelty and movement. Wood people have a strong sense of purpose, but can become frustrated easily.  They benefit from structured movement that can enhance success & performance.