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Our Mission

Tournesol Kids is a 501c-3 non-profit organization that empowers children with the strategies to live healthy, resilient and successful lives. 

Our Vision

We envision a world where all children are inspired to find well-being and success in their lives by celebrating their unique powers and learning to share them with the world.

Help us reach our goal of granting 1 million children
access to the life-changing benefits of Tournesol Kids!

What We Do

We empower children through online education, workshops and community outreach.  Our programs teach holistic healthy child development strategies to kids, parents, educators and caregivers that identify and meet the individual physical and emotional needs of children.

Why We Do It

Our kids today are facing immense emotional, physical and spiritual challenges.  The current epidemics of ADHD and Autism, allergies and asthma, apathy and anxiety are growing exponentially.  At the current trajectory, our youth will emerge ill and ill-prepared to make the critical and delicate decisions imputing the future of our global community.

Ten years ago, science arrived at the radical conclusion that children can learn the skills and behaviors for a successful life.  To ensure a thriving future, it is critical that we replace outdated health and education models that limit our children's potential with methods that inspire hope, instill strength and teach success.

Get Involved

Call Carey Davidson, Executive Director, at 646-395-1114 to find out more about opportunities for volunteers, board positions and donor involvement.

Our Model

The PowerUp program is Tournesol Kids' introductory program, which is a time-tested, science-based approach developed by our Health & Education Director, Dr. Stephen Cowan who is a world-renowned Integrative Developmental Pediatrician.  

Our initial program is for children ages 6 to 12 and is rooted in the practices of growth mindset, compassion training and mindfulness.  It is designed to help children self-identify their strengths and vulnerabilities and provide them with the insight into how they can best grow themselves.

Tournesol Kids inspires children to celebrate their own unique powers while learning life success skills including:

Compassion | Emotional Intelligence | Empathy | Grace | Grit | Insight | Intuition | Optimism | Well-Being

The Tournesol Kids holistic health program is available to educators in schools, community centers and other support organizations and is available online.  Our curriculum includes:

  • Insight with Healthy Sleep, Listening, Creative Problem Solving
  • Visualization with Future Thinking, Dealing with Difficulty, Stretching Body & Mind, Mindful Movement
  • Emotional Intelligence with Sensory Awareness, Optimism
  • Mindful Eating with Imagining Other People's Needs
  • Gratitude with Breathwork, Graciousness
Tournesol Kids