The Science Behind Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy

Why Vibroacoustics?

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Carey Davidson created Tournesol to provide the best combination of medical and healing arts for optimal health.  While researching the best health  systems and modalities at the top hospitals and clinics in the United States, Carey came upon Vibroacoustics at the Scripps Hospital in San Diego, an award-winning hospital known for its excellence in integrative care.  Carey was curious to learn more about this therapy provided to Scripps patients. 

Through her research, Carey found that there were hundreds of studies demonstrating the efficacy of Vibroacoustics as a therapeutic intervention for various physical and emotional challenges.  These studies noted improvement in several key markers for symptom relief without the use of pharmaceuticals, nor invasive interventions.  She subsequently identified a company that made the equipment and also created customized frequencies to address these individual health challenges and decided to bring Vibroacoustics to New York City.